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Kenn Hoekstra Interview
[Conducted by utopia]

Recently I got a chance to talk to 's Project Admin., Kenn Hoekstra, to ask a few questions about the current state of Elite Force, and a few other various things.

utopia: Could you inform us on the current state of Elite Force?

Kenn: Elite Force is in the beta stage. We're QA testing it and polishing it now. The demo feedback is a tremendous help so keep it coming. (

utopia: What has been the hardest thing to accomplish while developing Elite Force?

Kenn: Developing a single player game and a multiplayer game at the same time is becoming increasingly difficult. If you look at a lot of the games that are coming out, they're electing to do one or the other. We're doing both. That's easier said than done...

utopia: What is your favorite feature in the game?

Kenn: I really like the storyline and the ability to play the game as both a male and a female character. With a bit of ingenuity, we were able to make the transition from character to character seamless with the dialogue and story. It turned out very well.

utopia: Is there anything that you would like to see in the game, but don't have the time/resources?

Kenn: Tour mode and Assimilation deathmatch are going to have to be cut. Early in the project we thought we could do it, but we don't have the time. Hopefully we can do it and release it at a later time. I'm afraid that feature lock affects every game on the market.

utopia: Do you plan on adding any multiplayer modes besides Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag? Or is the team concentrating more on the single player experience?

Kenn: The primary focus of the game has always been the single player, but we're adding as much to the multiplayer as we can. There are over fifty characters to choose from in holomatch games and there are several game types as well. Having bots really helps add meat to the game.

utopia: Do you prefer the Borg, Romulan, or Klingon?

Kenn: The Romulans have always been my favorite. The one thing I've always wanted to see in a Star Trek series is a Federation war with the Romulans. Or, at the very least, a huge ship battle in one of the movies or season finale episodes... Is that so much to ask? =)

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