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Welcome to Voyager: Elite Force!
Welcome to!

You are Ensign Munro, security officer and member of the newly formed Hazard Team. This elite security force is charged with defending Voyager and her crew on the long journey home from the Delta quadrant. When Voyager becomes hopelessly trapped in a graveyard of ships, the Hazard Team is called into action.

The player maneuvers Ensign Munro through a number of away missions as the Hazard Team tries desperately to find a way out of the trap. Along the way, the Hazard Team encounters hordes of hostile aliens and danger at every turn.

Take orders from Janeway and Tuvok. Go to sickbay and get healed by the Doctor. Help B’Elanna in Engineering and go on an away mission with Seven of Nine. Grab your gear, make your way into the Transporter room, step on the pad and beam into action.

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